2019 High School Qualifier

2019 USA Powerlifting Michigan High School Qualifier

Sanction : MI-2019-03

This is USA Powerlifting sanctioned meet.
This is a NO FRILLS meet.  There will be no medals, trophies or awards.

Meet Director: Alex Crichton

Date: Saturday, 5 January 2019

Registration will close on 30 DECEMBER 2018 OR when the cap is reached.


Birch Run High School
12450 Church Street, Birch Run
Michigan, 48415


All participants must pre-register online.
All entries are non-refundable.
All entries are non-transferable

Meet Fees:

Required Meet Fee: $55
Fees are non-refundable.
Fees are non-transferable.

Check-in and Weigh-ins:

​Check-in from 7:00 am to 8:30 am
Weigh-Ins from 7:00 to 8:30 am
​Compulsory rules briefing at 8:30 am
​Lifting begins at 9:15 am

​Awards and Medals:

This is a NO FRILLS meet.  There will be no awards or medals.

Eligibility and rules:

​All participants must be current USAPL members. (Register online: USAPL Membership Application)
Minimum 10% of participants will be drug tested by urinalysis.  If you are selected to be drug-tested, you have to be accompanied by a same-gender adult.

​Required equipment:

1.       Singlet

2.       T-shirt (100% cotton, no V-neck, no pockets)

3.       knee-high socks for the deadlift

4.       brief-type non-supportive underwear

5.       athletic shoes.

Optional for raw competition: belt; wrist wraps; and neoprene knee sleeves. See rules and approved list at www.usapowerlifting.com.

​For additional information:

Meet Director:

Alex Crichton



Your LAST NAME, as per your USA Powerlifting membership.

Your FIRST NAME, as per your USA Powerlifting membership.

Your email address for confirmation and meet information.

Your gender.

Your USA Powerlifting number.

USA Powerlifting membership expiration date.

Your expected weight in POUNDS on meet day.

Your Date of Birth.

Are you a RAW or EQUIPPED lifter.

Are you doing the full meet or bench only.
Three liftBench Only

A contact number.

What State are you from, as per your USA Powerlifting membership

The Registration fee for this NO FRILLS meet is $55.