2019 Raise the Bar IV

The Awesome DEADLIFT ONLY Meet is Back for a FOURTH TIME!


Become a Deadlift Legend.

14 December 2019

Check-in 8am
Rules meeting 9am
Lifting starts 9:15am.

Raise the Bar roster

This meet is not connected to any federation.  It is a fun meet with a great atmosphere.  It is open to young, old, big, small, tall, ugly, pretty, handsome, intelligent, smelly, skinny, fat, fluffy, extroverted, introverted, strong or weak individuals who would like to deadlift with some awesome, friendly, happy and legendary people.

Rules and Such:

Each lifter will have stage name /  a nom de plume.

Each lifter may wear a costume of his or her liking.  Safety first though.  Make sure your clothes do not impede your lift and make sure your footwear gives you enough grip on the platform.  No falling about like its 2 am at the local pub at this meet!

Your costume must at least cover your naughty/nasty (depends on how you feel about privates) bits.  We don’t want to see any boobs, bellies or balls.  If your paw-paw or maw-maw can’t see it, neither do we.  There will be some grans lifting, lets hope they tuck it all away as well.

You will have three lifts.  Your best lift will count and not a total of your three lifts.

You may not use wrist straps, wrist hooks or any other item that gives you an unnatural grip on the bar. Only wrists and hands.  You can wrap the rest of your body as you please.

There are weight classes and you will compete with the people in your weight class. The weight classes for women will be:
47 kg, 52 kg, 57 kg, 63 kg, 72 kg, 84 kg, 84 kg+

The weight classes for men will be:
59 kg, 66 kg, 74 kg, 83 kg, 93 kg, 105 kg, 120 kg, 120 kg+

You may not hitch the bar on the way up.  There will be one up movement only and your legs are not a rack for the bar.  Don’t rest the bar on your legs if you like white lights. This is not crossfit.

You may not drop the bar when you are at the top of the lift.  Its not polite to throw your toys about.

Your knees must the locked at the end of the lift. The pooping dog pose is really not attractive, especially when your face is also all red and you are popping veins.  You have to stand upright, knees locked, shoulders up and back.

You may not move your feet once the lift has started. This is a deadlift, not a dance. You may shake your booty as hard as you want once you step off the platform. The meet director will join you with pleasure.

Please don’t vomit on the referee in front of you.  We could upload your vomit video and you will become famous for all the wrong reasons. The ref will most probably never give you a white light after your projectile blessing.

This meet is all about having some fun while becoming a deadlift legend.


The winner in each weigh class will receive a medal.

There will be awards for the best overall male and best overall female lifter..

There will be special awards too such as best form…etc…

This meet will be $50 per registrant.

Fees will be non-refundable.

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